Shoot Accurately With The Right Rifle Scope

Whether you are an Aussie hunter or just like shooting for sport, then you probably know that choosing the right rifle scope can be frustrating, thanks to the ever-increasing array of options.

That and the countless landmines of confusing specs, technical jargons, and acronyms— scope purchase can be quite daunting for the inexperienced buyers. More information at nightforce shv

So, to give you some needed insights, here are some factors you need to consider when purchasing your first scope to top your long gun.

  1. Environment and Usage

First off, you need to know what it is for and where you’re going to use it. This is because there are certain kinds of scopes that are perfect for some situations and worse in others.

In addition, the condition you’re going to use it including humidity, extreme temperatures, and moisture should also be considered.

In general, you’ll be using a rifle scope for one

  • Hunting: When going around the jungle or woods, the scope, like the Nightforce SHV series, need to be ready to use and stay tuned as well as weatherproofed and can go with different lighting conditions.
  • Target shooting: Scopes for target shooting and competition like the Nightforce NX8 Australia are quite sensitive since adjustments are required before and during the time they’re used for accurate and repeatable shot placement.
  • Self-Defence: A rifle scope for defence are used for close-range encounters and need quick target acquisition.
  1. Magnification

This is how much closer you can see a target when looking at the scope, allowing you to see the target from afar. Check it out at The Barn

On the scope’s title, there’s a first number or maybe a range of numbers. This is your magnification. And the more magnification you have, the farther you can see.

Now, there are 2 kinds of scopes:

  • Fixed Scope: Has only one number and is a single magnification scope. It costs less, of higher quality and aims faster.
  • Variable Scope: Have more than one magnification that you can adjust like the scopes of the Nightforce SHV series. If you are looking for flexibility and hunting variety of ranges, then this is the scope for you.
  1. Objective Lens

Objective lens offer scope clarity and brightness. And the bigger lens you have, the better you can see under low light conditions. However, other than the expensive price tag, the bigger objective lens you have the more problems you have in:

  • Position giveaway (since sunlight reflect off the lens)
  • Scope ring problems (although you can take a look at suitable Nightforce rings Australia available today)
  • Heavier scope
  1. Reticles

Looking at a scope, what do you see?

Lines and numbers called the crosshair. It is crucial to make shooting easier and help in estimating distance.

There are 3 kinds of scope reticle:

  • Duplex: The default reticle, a duplex is easy to use and suitable for beginners.
  • Mil-dot: This reticle like the ones used in the Nightforce NXS series, help estimate the distance of the target and used mainly by military and law enforcement.
  • BDC: Designed for long-range shooting, it estimates holdover, bullet drop and more.
  1. Lens Coating

Typically written in fancy names, this is an invincible coat that improves sight. It comes in 4 types:

  • Coated: A single surface is covered with a single layer.
  • Multicoated: A single surface is covered with several layers.
  • Fully-coated: All external glass is coated in a single layer.
  • Fully multicoated: All external glass is coated with several layers.

Whether you are a hunter or simply a gun enthusiasts, you may visit when looking for Nightforce SHV series.