Common Car Problems You Might Get to Experience This Autumn

It will only take a few days before we welcome the Autumn season, where we get to experience shorter days and longer nights. Also, not to mention the shedding of leaves by the surrounding trees. While we also get to enjoy the scenic landscape of the fall, it poses significant challenges to your beloved vehicle. Aside from the extra rainfall this season and the falling leaves, it might cause your car to experience a breakdown. In case this happens, make sure to call and ask for the best available time of a Mitsubishi service schedule Australia has today and book a schedule right away.

To help you know what kind of trouble your car might experience this Autumn, we have listed some of the most common Autumn-related car problems below.

Autumn leaves

All the autumn-coloured leaves are beautiful to look at since they make wonderful scenery along the road. It is something that we can only appreciate in this coming Autumn season. However, these lovely leaves of Autumn can pose a risk not only to your beloved vehicle but to your safety as well.

Once these leaves are on the road, they make the road slippery. Moreover, they can also easily block some essential air inlets into your car that might cause overheating in your engine. When this trouble happens, make sure to call your local dealer and ask for their Mitsubishi Triton service cost and book a car repair schedule.

Engine fluids

Aside from engine oil, you should also be checking the water level, not to mention also if it has an anti-freeze compound. Since it is getting colder, not have enough anti-freeze will only get your morning to a very bad situation. Having an anti-freeze is vital, especially during the cold season, to prevent scale and corrosion build-up.

Moreover, car care professionals don’t usually recommend to refill the anti-freeze yourself since there are different types of them. Giving the engine the wrong one could significantly damage your car. To avoid damaging your car, book the best available time of a Mitsubishi service schedule Australia has to offer and let the professionals do it for you. Check Toowong Mitsubishi for more details.

Heater and defrosters

Condensation is one of the problems you get to experience during the Autumn season. It happens if there is a difference between the temperature between your car and its surroundings. For example, if a hot water vapour inside your car caused by the heater and reaches the cold windshield, it creates a fog that blocks your view.

Defrosters help to remove and clear the condensation, so it is vital that you check your defroster and heater before Autumn arrives. If you think your car needs a preventive maintenance checkup, don’t hesitate to know the Mitsubishi ASX service cost for your defroster and heater and book a schedule.

Weak Battery

It is also vital to check your Mitsubishi Triton service book and see when was the last time you change your car battery. An aging battery can easily die out in the cold season, and it could be stressful.

Final Thought

To avoid any problem this Autumn season, always make sure to get your car checked. To know the best available time of a Mitsubishi service schedule Australia has to offer, visit this website